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We specialize in high asset, small business and middle income divorces and dissolutions to provide the high quality services you expect and deserve.

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We’re here to help you, but we know you’re interested in doing your own research, too. From Support and Parenting to Statutes and Codes, here’s a compilation of helpful assets.

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Ohio Child Support Calculator

Use the Ohio Department of Job and Family Service’s Child Support Calculator to get an estimate of the support obligations that may be included in a court or administrative child support order.

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We're not your average family law firm

We’re here to help.

When you’re facing a divorce, everything you thought you knew about your marriage is on shaky ground. Not only are you emotionally taxed, but you’re also overwhelmed by the sheer expanse of legal matters that your division as a couple has created.

Fortunately, you’ve found Babbitt & Dahlberg – a family law firm based in Columbus, Ohio.

When you hire us, you protect yourself with the legal experience you need in a time marked by confusion and pain.

We’re not your average family law firm.

Why? Because we truly care about our clients. Your needs and priorities are number one, always. And, most importantly, our legal experience is second to none. Jay Babbitt has been nationally recognized by Best Lawyers in America for his work as a divorce and dissolution attorney. Super Lawyers has selected Gus Dahlberg as a Rising Star for the past four years.

Divorce isn’t easy, for many reasons. But when you choose Babbitt & Dahlberg, there is one thing you will not have to spend a second worrying about – your legal representation. Our reputation, our national recognition by third party legal reviews and our case history all speak for themselves. If you want your priorities protected and the best resolution for your Columbus divorce or dissolution with the best possible outcome, contact us today. We’re here to help.

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5 Signs Your Small Business is Headed for Divorce

A small business divorce can lead to  big trouble. Here’s what to look out for. Separation was certainly not something you had in mind when you and your spouse started your business — and even if you had considered it, you probably also assumed you’d be able to work things out peacefully between the two…

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10 Frequently Asked Questions about Ohio’s Custody Laws

Getting a divorce is stressful enough without having to search endlessly for answers about the custody of your children. Here’s a helpful list of frequently asked questions and answers to help you know what to expect as you navigate Ohio’s custody laws. Copyright: lawren / 123RF Stock Photo 1. How is child custody determined in…

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Until Divorce Do Us Part: A Quick Guide to a Joyful Split

We do not often think of divorce a celebratory occasion, but it does not have to be all bad. For many individuals, divorce can lead to a much happier and satisfying chapter of life. If you and your spouse have to part ways, why not make it the healthiest experience possible? Even if your spouse…

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