How to tell if your spouse is cheating

Or, you might need a divorce attorney if …

Chances are you know, somewhere deep down, what’s happening. Or you at least have your suspicions, though they might not be full-blown just yet. Maybe something simply feels off.

If you think your spouse might be cheating on you, you shouldn’t immediately distrust your intuition, but you should also talk to your spouse before assuming those suspicions are true.

If you’re still in the feeling-out stage, this list of signs that your spouse might be cheating could help clarify things and affirm that those suspicious behaviors are, in fact, cause for alarm.

At the very least, it’ll give you something more concrete to talk to your spouse about:

“So … I found this article online, and I know I shouldn’t believe everything I read online, but some of these are really ringing true to me. Can we talk about them, if only to make me feel better?”

And if after reading this list and talking to your spouse, you still think something more might be going on, contact Columbus divorce attorneys Babbitt & Dahlberg.


Maybe your spouse has changed the way he or she dresses, or maybe a new move in bed caught you off guard (“Where did *that* come from?”). Is there a sudden interest in working out or “manscaping”? These could all be signs of a potential wandering spouse.

Behavior changes can also be technological these days — suddenly password-protecting electronics, guarding a cellphone or updating social media profile pictures to solo shots. Even simply spending more time online or on the phone might be a sign of trouble.

And sometimes things simply don’t add up. Is your wife unable to account for where she was? Is clothing missing? Has your husband been caught in little lies?

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Name-drops (or lack thereof)

Does your wife talk about a certain gentleman who’s suddenly in her life all of the time? Or maybe your husband works on a project with a woman but never brings her name up?

Therapists say many cheating spouses will namedrop their lover as a way of being half truthful. On the other hand,your spouse could be thinking about his lover so much that he can’t help talking about her.

Listen for these words

“I love you, but I’m not in love with you.”

“We’re just friends.”

“I need space.”

Guilty behavior

Your wife might become suddenly angry at you as her guilt turns outward toward you. Your husband might become uncharacteristically sweet toward you.

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Financial signs

This Fox Business article has a list of signs, financially speaking, that your husband or wife might be cheating. Sometimes, it’s the unexpected (and odd) expenses that your spouse claims are “for work” and will be reimbursed. It can also be increased cash withdrawals, disappearing mail, higher gasoline bills (due to increased driving), or an increase in new junk mail from banks or credit card companies, which could signal that another bank account has been opened.

Is it time to talk to a Columbus family law attorney?

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