5 Things Not to Post on Social Media During a Divorce

Posting about your personal life on social media is generally a risky move. But during a legal situation like a divorce, it’s in very poor taste and could further complicate your circumstances.

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Here are five examples of what not to post to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn during your divorce.

1. That new car you just bought.

You’re so proud of your new ride and you just can’t wait to post about it. Resist the temptation! Although you may be dying to show off your cool new wheels on Instagram, posts about newfound wealth or possessions could be used in court as lifestyle evidence. Any inclination that you are not being honest about your finances can raise flags and work against you during legal proceedings.

2. That new “someone special”.

You and your estranged spouse may very well have an agreement or have possibly been separated for a while. Even so, sharing a new relationship with your social media community while you’re still legally married could be twisted into claims of infidelity. This goes for dating profiles, too, which could also call your character into question if they’re less than honest about your appearance or personality.

3. Your finances. Ever.

Child support payments, lack of child support payments, a raise at your job, a lottery ticket, or even a monetary gift can all be used against you in trial if you make it public information through social media. If it has to do with your wallet, the best practice is to keep it in your pocket.

4. Screenshots from private communication.

Exposing private conversations is a bad move for many reasons. Maybe the sender was being unreasonable, but publishing it to your social media channels doesn’t just call their character into question — it puts you in a negative light, as well. And on the flip side, don’t text or email your spouse (or anyone, for that matter) with information that you wouldn’t want posted on social media. These days, it’s all too easy to turn a private conversation into public information.

5. Anything about the kids.

A great rule of thumb during a divorce? Keep the kids out of it. It is important to keep any involved children at the very forefront of your mind at all times. Posting any information about your children to social media during a divorce puts them at risk and calls your parental capabilities into question.

In short, it’s always best to keep your private life private. If you need to talk to someone, call us for a consultation. We’ve got the experience and the expertise to walk you through this confusing and difficult process.

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